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What Are Your Options?

There are two options for applying for an Individual & Family plan in the state of Washington: directly with the Carrier, or through the state Exchange (

Generally, if you are eligible for a subsidy/tax credit, you are likely better off purchasing through the Exchange. If you’re not eligible for a subsidy, you may be better off purchasing outside the Exchange, directly from a Carrier. Either way, we can walk you through it and can work as your broker, at no cost.

Are You Eligible For A Subsidy?

Use the Subsidy Calculator below as a starting point to help determine whether you may be eligible for a subsidy/tax credit. If you would like help on the Exchange, through, it's helpful if you create an account, select us as your broker, then give us a call. Or give us a call first & we'll walk you through it.

Outside The Exchange


Looking For Insurance For Yourself Or Your Family?

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We just need a few more details to be able to most efficiently assist you. Please provide birth dates and smoker/non-smoker for each family member seeking coverage.